Is your  “to do” list repeatedly scrolling through your mind like credits at the end of a movie?

Are you chronically worried about what you could have done differently?   Are you feeling overwhelmed due to a big life change?  Maybe you can’t fall asleep or when you do fall asleep, you can’t stay asleep.  Maybe you are having unwanted thoughts, or you suffer from panic attacks…

Take a moment to imagine what you could do if your symptoms of anxiety didn’t stand in your way….

You would be more focused and productive at school/work.  Your relationships would improve.  You would feel physically better. You may even decide to travel, take up a new hobby, or pursue that goal you always wanted, without all that  “what if” thinking and worry thwarting you from moving forward.

 I offer personalized, individualized and effective treatment for anxiety and related issues

I will help you with mild stress, severe anxiety and everything in-between.  You will also get help with any issues that may have caused, contributed to, or resulted from your anxiety.

After a thorough assessment, a treatment plan will be crafted just for you.  Anxiety manifests differently in everyone, so your treatment plan will be as individual and unique as you are.  You will also learn “anxiety hacks” right away to provide you with some immediate relief while we work on  long term change.

The good news is anxiety is SO treatable!  Through evidence based interventions and a little commitment from you, I can help you to feel better and become the person you are meant to be.  

Specialized Treatment for:

·Generalized Anxiety · Panic Attacks · PTSD · Social Phobia · Depression · Anxiety/stress related to life events · Anxiety/stress related to life transitions · Work/School issues · Substance abuse recovery maintenance · Physical health issues related to anxiety · Sleep disturbances    ·Eating Issues · Financial stress · Relationship/couples issues

*Anxiety does not discriminate, so neither do I-  All are welcome!